From 3rd May, Stable View will, as per USEF guidelines, be welcoming back spectators to all licensed events. Spectators will also be allowed at Stable View’s training and unlicensed shows. This reopening will allow vendors, sponsors and other interested parties to both visit and plan with a degree of certainty for forthcoming events.
From 17th May, Stable View will, as per USEF guidelines, implement the new protocols regarding the use of face coverings/masks. All COVID related safety measures will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

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Stable View is a top-notch equestrian facility located in Aiken, South Carolina. Established in 2010, Stable View has now developed and diversified its equestrian program to meet the needs of both the discerning amateur and the elite professional across a variety of equestrian disciplines.

In our attempt to ensure success we tapped into significant local and international expertise and have undertaken a large amount of research. Our intention has been to make Stable View the best of the best. We have tried to find the most talented practitioners, using the best materials while promoting excellence in terms of design, while having a concern for the Environment. Every facet of Stable View speaks to our goal of creating a preeminent International Equestrian Training Center.

The property is situated on 1,000 acres of gently rolling countryside with access to more than 2,000 adjoining “conserved” acres of woods and trails. We have carefully planned and executed the layout to optimize the equine training experience at international levels. Using our landscape as a template we have discovered that Stable View can promote many Non-Equestrian activities. These include Weddings, Family Reunions, Corporate Retreats and Business Conferences. Stable View also has an active Environmental Program.

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USEF Signature Page

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