Attwood Arenas

Attwood Equestrian Surfaces (AES) is an innovator of equestrian footing.  AES scientifically develops, produces and installs surfaces that enhances the safety and performance of both the horse and rider.

With over 27 years of experience, our scientific expertise enables us to create and develop carefully balanced footing that perform consistently in any climate. AES continues to invest in research and development to provide riding surfaces that perform day after day, week after week.

AES collaborate with the world’s leading independent equestrian surface academics to ensure we remain at the forefront of both technical and governance developments. This is why Attwood Equestrian Surfaces remains the gold standard of equestrian footing year after year.

200 ft. x 250 ft. Covered arena (The Covered)

300 ft. x 250 ft. Outdoor arena (The Outdoor)

220 ft. x 120 ft. Dressage arena (Silva Arena)

150 ft. x 200 ft. arena (Hunter Arena)

330 ft. x 230 ft. with room for three dressage arenas or two H/J arenas with warm up.

All five arenas support Attwood Equestrian Surfaces.

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